• We operate exclusively in the Illinois Basin, which is the fastest growing coal producing region in the country due to its favorable geology, low costs and growing demand for its coal.
  • Foresight Energy LP completed its initial public offering as a publically-traded master limited partnership (MLP) on JUNE 17, 2014. The IPO was for 17,500,000 Common Units representing limited partner interest in the Partnership at a price of $20.00.
  • MLPs are businesses that are taxed at the unitholder level and generally are not subject to federal or state income tax. Annual income, gains, losses, deductions or credits to the MLP pass through to its unitholders. Unitholders report their allocated shares of these amounts on their individual income tax returns as though the unitholder had incurred these items directly.
  • Unitholders are limited partners in the partnership. They own units of the partnership rather than shares of stock.
  • Foresight Energy LP units are traded on the OTCQX® Best Market (OTCQX) under the ticker symbol “FELPU”.
  • Partners in FELPU may receive cash distributions rather than dividends. Cash distributions are generally not taxable as long as the unitholder’s tax basis remains above zero.
  • Foresight Energy LP may make cash distributions after the end of each March, June, September and December to unitholders of record on the applicable record dates. Changes to quarterly cash distributions are considered quarterly by the Board of Directors.